Monday, February 27, 2012

Travel in style this Spring!

Okay, after fumbling around with my other blog that I hadn't accessed in probably a year I decided to come back to Blogger where I find it to be more user friendly!
I was inspired to post today after my Spring open house this weekend.  I had set up a display showing my new favorite prints and items and they were a HUGE hit.

I love this collection for Spring and I can't wait to travel with these items!  Pictured above are the Retro Metro Weekender, large zipper pouch, mini utility bin and pinch top eyeglass case.  Let me break them down for you!

The Retro Metro Weekender, $75:

Perfect for travel, weekends away, the gym and whatever else you need a bag for.  I will be taking this to Florida this Spring and plan to pack my clothes and other essentials in this beauty!

Zipper Pouch, $12 and pinch top eyeglass case, $15:

The possibilities are endless for these items.  I will be using the zipper pouch to store toiletries in my bag.  It keeps them all neat and together and if something explodes on the airplane it will contain the mess and it won't get all over your clothing.  Other favorite uses for this include a cord keeper for the car (keep cell phone cords, your GPS unit, iPod cords, etc...), pencil pouch, crayon pouch, hair clip keeper, wet bathing suit holder. I could go on and on.  I'll be using the pinch top eyeglass case for just that, sunglasses.  But it also makes a great camera case!  Put your ID and credit cards in the zip compartment, throw your camera in there and you have a small and easy to carry "purse" for an outing!

Mini utility bin, $22:

These are new for Spring.  I can't even tell you how much I love this new little guy!  Uses are endless; bathroom supplies, stuffed animals, diaper supplies, junk bucket, Mother's Day gift, car trash can, craft supplies, wedding shower gift, newspapers... I could go on and on.  Since it collapses flat for easy storage this guy can go on vacation with me.  I'll use it to take toys to the beach! 

You  might be gasping at the cost of the Weekender.  But let me tell you this bag is worth it!  And would you be surprised that with the February special you could get ALL of these items for $100?  You can!  Email me and i'll tell you how. 

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time!  Want to get organized?  Need a new bag for work?  I can help!  Host a party and get your wishlist for free :). 

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