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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Store it in style!

I love the Summer months at Thirty-One!  They tend to kick up the customer specials and June has to be one of my favorites!

The large utility tote.  The most awesome and most versatile bag offered by this great company.  I have several and they all get used for various tasks.  This month you can get one for only $10 when you spend $35!  They typically sell for $35 so for $45 you get $70 worth of products!!

Think Thirty-One is just for chicks?  Think again!  Did you know we have a men's line?  Brief case type bags for work, wallets and now the large utility totes (among other products) come in solid colors.  Great too for the woman who doesn't like anything too frilly :).

I love the new Spirit collection offered.  Do you have a favorite school or team?  Show your spirit by selecting one of these great bags and personalizing it with your favorite school colors.  We are a Michigan State family so I have a spirit gray large utility tote embroidered with "Spartan Fan" in kelly green.  Even my husband had to admit it was cool.  Below is the large utility tote in black.

This would be perfect to take to the soccer fields!  All your sports gear will fit nicely into this one bag and your trip from the car to the field is a breeze.  No more carrying bags and bags of "stuff".  It all fits in one.  Pair it with a picnic thermal tote for $35 to carry your bottles of water and snacks and you are ready to go!

Other great uses for the black large utility tote include a "trunk junk" bag for the back of hubby's car.  A laundry basket for your favorite college student or even works well to store sports gear in the basement!

Like something a little more colorful?

Check out the new Minty Chip print!  Perfect for those Summer trips to the beach or pool!  Throw in some towels and pool toys and your walk from the car to the pool or beach just got easier. 

 Throw in a coordinating wristlet wallet and zipper pouch and for $50 you have a great ensemble to keep you organized while out and about.  Store your wet bathing suit in the zipper pouch after your swim to keep your other goods dry as you travel home.  The wristlet wallet is a great way to keep your cash and ID stored!

And last but not least, my favorite print now available!  I'm more of a girly girl and so is my daughter.  We both love this pink lotsa dots option.

Great for toy storage.  Or keep folded up blankets nice and neat in your closet.  Need to organize your linen closet?  Store sheet sets or towels.  You can easily find what you are looking for when everything is in it's place.

And in June only!!!

Top your tote for only $10!  Fits right over your existing large utility tote and keeps items safely inside.  Use the large utility tote to store groceries on your trip home, top it with this clear PVC cover and no more groceries rolling around the back of your SUV or in your trunk! 

Contact me TODAY to schedule a party if you want to get all these items for FREE!  When is the last time you hung out with your friends for a couple uninterrupted hours of fun?  I promise your Thirty-One party will be quick, easy, fun and you'll come away with all the benefits of being a hostess.  Don't want to clean your house?  Consider hosting at a restaurant.  All we need is a table large enough for 10 or so and i'll even buy a pitcher of margaritas or appetizers :).  Live close to me?  Host at my house!  All you have to do is show up.  The options are endless and i'm here to make it easy for you!


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