Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kindle Fire! Would you like to earn one free?

One of the best parts about my job as a Thirty-One consultant is the ability to spoil my hostesses.  And this July i've upped the ante!  You could win a brand new Kindle Fire just by opening your home for 2 hours and inviting friends over!   I need 7 lucky ladies to take part.  All you have to do is have at least $750 in party sales and you will be entered into the drawing.  With a company average of $65 per customer order that's approximately 12 orders from friends, family, co-workers, moms from sports teams, friends of friends, etc. 

If you don't have a spare evening or weekend day how about a book show?  If you don't want to clean we can do it at your favorite restaurant!  If you live far away we could do a Skype party.  The options are endless and my goal is to make it as fun, easy and quick as possible.  Even if you don't end up winning the Kindle you are still a winner!

With a $750 party you will get $110 in FREE products, 2 half price and 2 hostess exclusive items.  With the purchase of 2 hostess exclusive items (for example the LEATHER medium purse and rolling tote) you will get $555 worth of 31 for $164 out of pocket. That's a savings of 70%!!

When you have a $1,200 party you get $250 FREE, 3 half price and 3 hostess exclusive items FREE!  That's approximately $824 worth of 31 for FREE.  (i'm not including cost of half price items, should you choose to purchase items at 1/2 price).

So why not?!  Let's have fun, get together with friends and get organized!!

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